Monday, August 13, 2012

Starting today I'm making a change!

So I want to start by introducing myself. I am Stacey and I am married to a fantastic man named Mike. I have a daughter Elicia, and two dogs Akasha and Luna. With that alone my life would be great but unfortunately for the last 5 years or so I have had to live with a horrible anxiety disorder that has caused me to not only stop myself from doing exciting/interesting things, but recently it was brought to my attention that I was also stopping my beautiful daughter from being a child. The fear of her being out of my sight for more then 5 minutes can bring on a full on anxiety attack and so more often then not I try to keep her in the house where I know she is safe... This is no life for a child. So it stops NOW!

1. I will no longer hide in my house fearing the worst will happen if I leave!
2. I will no longer keep my child inside "for her own good" I will let her be a child!
3. I will do something interesting/adventurous at least once a month.
4. I will keep a blog of my progress and let the world help with the healing process.
5. I will laugh more and worry less.
6. I will not stop myself from enjoying life!

This is a good start to my pledge and I hope I will continue to add to it and grow emotionally! I have already begun the process. I started by letting my daughter go visit her grandparents in TN over the past 2 summers and at the moment that's where she is, this is always a trying time for me as I miss her horribly and insist on hounding her and my mother daily. Letting her go for the summer these past 2 years were big steps and I am proud to say that I made it. She will be back on the 18th to start school and with a little Xanex and some support hopefully this year will be amazing!

Thank you in advance for helping me through all the drama that comes with having chronic anxiety attacks. I hope I this blog will help others as it helps me make big changes in my life.